IKEA Clean Energy

About this campaign

IKEA's vision is 'to create a better everyday life for the many people.' As part of this, IKEA wants to help people live a more sustainable life at home. By partnering with Click Energy, IKEA wants to support you in switching to a renewable electricity provider. By doing so, you could save money on your household bills and in turn have a positive impact on the planet.

Terms & Conditions

Who is eligible?
This is an exclusive offer to IKEA customers only and limited up to 1,000 customers.

What type of domestic meters qualify?
The clean energy tariff is only available to domestic keypad and bill-pay customers with a standard 24hr or Powershift meters. Homeowners with Day/Night or Economy 7 meters are not eligible for this clean tariff currently.

How to Sign-up?
IKEA customers will be sent an email from IKEA with a link to the Clean Tariff page. This will contain a sign-up section with the referral code IKEA. Customers must provide an email address and choose paperless billing. No paper correspondence will be sent with the clean tariff.

What is the tariff rate?
The price of 17.99p per kWh is for both key pad and bill pay accounts. Daily standing charges also apply.                                            See https://clickenergyni.com/Compare-Switch for more details.

Is there a sign-on bonus?
Clean Tariff customers will receive a switching bonus of £15 free electricity

Customer Support?
Our customer support is available to anyone who has difficulty registering due to online issues or require other assistance

Does IKEA receive money as a result of this campaign?
Click Energy will donate to IKEA for every customer who switches to the Clean Tariff. IKEA will invest this money to local community initiatives.

Are commercial or farm businesses eligible?
This phase of the clean tariff is not available to Commercial Customers including Farms or domestic properties using farm meters.

Can our existing Click Energy customers switch to the Clean Tariff?
The clean energy tariff is only available to new customers. This position will be reviewed in due course.

How will these customer's data be used?
Click Energy may pass personal information that you enter on this page to IKEA (and where applicable, third parties contracted to IKEA) for the sole purpose of ensuring you are not sent communications unnecessarily. We believe that processing your data in this way is in your interests, and in both companies’ legitimate interests. Whenever we process data for this purpose we will ensure that we always keep your personal data rights in high regard and take account of these rights. You have the right to object to this processing if you wish. To do so please email us at chat@clickenergyni.com. Please bear in mind that this may affect our ability to provide you with our full range of services and support. For more about how we process your data, see our Privacy Policy.

Who is Big Clean Switch and how are they involved?

Big Clean Switch is a campaign run by Brakkn Ltd (company number 11085677). They are working with IKEA to help IKEA’s customers and co-workers switch to clean electricity and helped establish the relationship between Click Energy and IKEA. Brakkn is a ‘profit with purpose’ company, which means that it sees creating social and environmental value as going hand in hand with creating value for shareholders. It has a commitment to putting a proportion of its profits towards climate-related causes. Big Clean Switch is funded through the commission Brakkn receives from a supplier whenever someone switches to clean electricity through the campaign. Where Big Clean Switch works with partners like IKEA, is IKEA will receive a sum for every switch made locally from Big Clean Switch, who will pass at least 40% of the commission they receive from suppliers. IKEA will use this to support their local community initiatives.

Why is Click Energy going Green?

Click Energy’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy refers to our responsibility towards our Marketplace, our Workspace, our Community and the Environment we work in. Click Energy recognises the need to protect the natural environment. Keeping our environment clean and unpolluted is a benefit to all.

About 100% renewable tariffs

What is ‘renewable electricity’?
Different types of renewable electricity sources include wind power, solar power, hydro power, bioenergy, tidal and wave power. Electricity that comes from renewable sources is kinder to the environment compared to traditional fossil fuels (oil, gas etc) as that can cause air pollution and contribute to climate change.

Why is renewable electricity a good thing?
Traditionally, electricity has been generated by burning fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas. Generating power in this way causes air pollution and releases gases like carbon dioxide that contribute to climate change, so there is global agreement that we need to massively reduce our dependence on them. This also makes sense because these energy sources take millions of years to develop, and as we use them up, they’re getting more and more difficult, expensive and environmentally damaging to get out of the ground. In contrast, renewable electricity sources will not run out in this way, and have much lower climate change impacts.

What is ‘clean electricity’?
‘Clean electricity’ is sometimes used interchangeably with ‘renewable electricity’. Renewable electricity is considered ‘clean’ because it has a much smaller impact on our climate, and also because most renewable electricity sources have a very low impact in relation to air pollution.

Isn’t renewable electricity expensive?
Far from it. Our green tariff is the same price as our variable standard rate at 16.99p per kWh.

You shouldn’t have to pay more for choosing green!

Doesn’t all electricity come from the Grid? How do 100% renewable electricity tariffs work?
When you’re on a renewable electricity tariff, your supplier promises that, however much electricity you use in your home, the same amount of renewable electricity will be put into the Grid. The more this happens, the greener the Grid will get. Because you’re still getting your electricity from the Grid, there’s no need for an engineer to visit and no disruption to your supply when you switch.

Can we prove our energy is 100% renewable?
Yes, we have the Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) for the clean energy tariff.

About switching

How easy is it to switch?
Switching is online and simple, there are no upfront costs, hidden fees or there is no requirement for an engineer’s visit. Signing up takes less than 2 minutes. If you have any difficulty registering due to online issues or require assistance you can contact the Click Energy Customer Services on 0800 1 070732.

How does switching supplier work?
Once you’ve entered your details you will receive an email from Click Energy saying your switch is in process. At this point we may need to contact you to verify some of your details.

It will take about 15 working days to process your switch. This includes a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period, to allow you to change your mind if you want to (we hope you don’t - if you have any questions, do give us a call). During that time, we’ll contact your existing supplier to let them know you’re switching, and check there are no objections. Your electricity supply will not be cut off or affected during this time.

Just before the switch you will receive another email saying your switchover is ready. At this point we will contact you for a meter reading. Once we enter this reading you’ll stop paying your old company for your electricity and become a Click Energy customer.

Will I be charged for switching?
No, switching is free.

Do I need to contact my old supplier to let them know I’m switching?
Click Energy will contact your old supplier on your behalf. If your old supplier confirms that the account is fine and not in arrears, your switch will go ahead. If there is an issue we will contact you.

Do I have to pay to leave my current supplier?
In most cases if your account is up to date with no arrears you’ll have no problem. However, unlike Click Energy some suppliers charge an exit fee if you signed a 12-month contract and want to leave before or if you availed of a switching bonus. Following the registration, we will inform you if there are any objections from your old supplier.

I rent my home. Can I still switch?
Yes, if you’re responsible for paying your energy bills, you can switch. Even if your landlord pays the energy bills, why not tell them that they could also switch and help protect the environment.

My switch was cancelled because my old supplier said the account was in arrears. Can I still switch?
Yes. Once your account with your old supplier is paid up to date, you can submit your switch application again – or phone us and we’ll process the switch over the phone.

I have (or am thinking about getting) solar panels – can I still switch?
Yes, absolutely. You are free to switch your supply to a different provider in exactly the same way as a house without solar panels.